In The Garden

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It has been a while since I have done any art, but my mom got me some seriously nice watercolor pens to go with my watercolor pencils for my birthday. At first I was anxious about using them but then Holy Spirit said “paint them what I show you.”

Some of you know and some of you don’t, but for the last four months or so I have been having visions when I pray or play music. All the way from a flash of an image, to a full sensory experience of being... it has been trippy to say the least. I’ve always HEARD God speak, just as if He were sitting right beside me, but the visionary awakening (while I am conscious — I’ve had prophetic dreams as far back as I can remember) is rather recent. And it’s cool. And terrifying. And awesome.

This is the ‘garden’ where I often encounter Jesus. I remember laying on that swing, the feeling of His robes against my cheek, and the weight of his hand stroking my hair. There was such LOVE in that touch! It brings me to tears just thinking about it. I had been praying, pouring my fears and worries and heartbreak out to Him, and suddenly, it was like turning the corner into Narnia — there I was, swaying gently on that swing being comforted by Him. In that moment, my faith hit a whole new level. I knew All Would Be Well. All WAS Well. If you can imagine a moment in which you felt so LOVED... multiply it by 1000. Or 10,000. Or more. And it won’t even be a fraction of what His LOVE for us is. It won’t even be a drop in the bucket of how big His heart is, how much He feels for us. And how peaceful it is to just simply rest in His presence. Nothing on this earth compares.


Father, I pray You hold us close today,
Let us feel Your presence as tangibly as the things and people in our daily lives,
Awe us with your unabashed Love for us,
Show us the way back to our innocence,
That we may join You on the swing in Your garden,
Curling up in You like little children once again.


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