Drawing of a man

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Hello steemians, hope you all are having a great day.. I just wana show you guys a work i did today of a Man. It actually an imaginary work, however the person in particular is someone i know though but i had to put my self into the task of trying to imagine his face while drawing, trust me its not as easy as it seems.

  • The materials i used for this work are just


Here is the main pics though but what i did was that i looked at the pics then try to draw it from my head, however i added some form of caricature on the drawing to make it look funny😂😂.


  • Method of shading
    -cross hatching
  • the images below 👇 are progress shots of the work
  • shot1



  • shot3



  • shot5



  • shot7



Thanks for your time

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Wow nice job! Love the detailing in the facial hair.


Thanks @christinelook your comment is highly appreciated 😁🙌🙌

It doesn't look funny but awesome @guchidan 😉 he still looked so handsome in your drawing too. Tell me.. how long did you take to finish the drawing😉


It wasn't an easy task though i had to think deep so as to depict it on paper, just an imaginary thing it took me 45minutes.


45 minutes... yaaayyy! You're a pro now😉


Ahhaaahhaaha it is said practice makes perfect well there is still room for improvement though am still refining my gift.

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Thanks for the support @artzone

Great work, it takes a lot of hard work behid the finished product amazing indeed

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Thanks so much @shaheerbari....it pays to be hardworking

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