🎨 Liquid Artefact - new painting in progress

in artzone •  2 months ago

I've been working on this one over the last few days. Still need to figure out how to deal with the background.

Zoom in

Liquid Artefact

Acrylic on paper


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Es ist schon zu gut, so wie es ist!

Gorgeous forms, @gric... the detailing and how the liquid artefact constructs are meshed together is so wonderful * ___ *.... Not sure about the background... but I'm sure you will figure something out soon :)

Maybe a dramatic lighting? Or rising mist? :O Just to throw some ideas out there :D


Thank you @veryspider! I guess I'll keep the background simple, maybe I'll add more color...

I'm scared to vote now, but with trepidation I am venturing out to peek and vote to my favourites. Here is my pittance :)

I love that you worked this out not knowing what your background will be. So often, when paitning and creating, letting the story unfold is half the joy of making the thing! It's like a movie we are creating but we are still surprised at the ending!

I finally made an 'art post' again today. Hoping we are back. :)

@gric looks really cool! Nice architect artwork there~ The colors blend quite nicely together and easy on the eye to see. Will be pretty cool to see what color you will decide to use in the background later on! Personally my artwork style is more bold and bright in color, whereas yours is soothing and calm :) Anyhow upvoted your post to support. Always welcome your feedback on my previous artwork as well!

did you also made really big paintings in the past? Awesome work, as always ...!


Thanks @geronimo! Yes, I did quite a few large formats like these:

Awesome work man!


Thank you @plaid!


Thank you @momoriso!

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really cool one @gric, I like the framing plus shading/depth is 💥 I imagined it with a clean flat color for background...