🎨 Heavy Clouds II - original painting + details

in artzone •  2 months ago

Some people create their own storms and get upset when it rains.

-- Unknown

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Heavy Clouds II, 1994

Acrylic/oil on fiberboard
40 x 50 cm / 15.75 x 19.69 in

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this is one of my favourites!





Thank you Liba!

Another one of my all time favorites!


.... had to put a Gric on my twitter again:
btw - I like the quote - applies to a lot of peeps I know.


Thanks Otto!


Oh heavens, I forgot about twitter, I bet enliven my twitter account. So much social media.


steemit posts look good on twitter - the image and a short text are shown. On my VAG Twitter account, I only share stuff that has images (if it is just a link then nobody looks at and it is boring). I embedded twitter on the VAG website, which is a good way to show them off: https://www.vagallery.com/visionary-twitter.html
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Das hab ich auch noch nie gesehen! Die Wolken schauen so echt aus!



great show of God's power :)

wow I love the clouds in this popcorn taste!


Wow! It looks like the start of an epic sci-fi film.

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Thank you guys!

These are amazing clouds


Thanks Rick!

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