🎨 Current state of my painting "Four Towers"

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"Four Towers" (in progress)
32 x 40 cm / 12.6 x 15.75 in
Acrylic on board

See the previous state here.
The finished painting is here.

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Kraftwerk Towers of Mordor and Sleeping Beauty! Gollum licking his chops off stage, whispering "My Precious" ....... but I don't know if he meant you or Sleeping Beauty 😜
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Wow I think these are the merging of most of the painting you've done in a sequence now? I remembered the tower and the nude woman. Amazing they are

Thank you @josediccus!

Beautiful painting❤😊❤ I think you painting her beautifully. Towers look amazing 👌 wel done gric; love your work my friend.

Thanks @ykdesign! I'm still working on this one.

Wao, what a great artist you are, my respects, the woman looks so real that it looks like a photo !!! it's incredible !! I admire you

Thank you @benavides54!

Nuclear Slumber ;) appreciate the work @gric

Thanks @rob-parenti!

Beautiful work in progress, @gric !!! The contrast between the bleak towers and the beautiful woman is really striking <3

Thank you @veryspider!

Who is she

No one in particular.

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