🎨 Assimilation II - original painting in acrylics

in artzone •  6 months ago

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Assimilation II, 2005

Acrylic on fiberboard
25 x 20 cm / 9.84 x 7.87 in

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Wow... awesome work.

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Well, there is my meagre 0.2 steem vote, but she deserves more, so much more.

I love how this piece is almost walking that line between organic and mechanic and her emerging head could be coming out of spiderwebs and nature or cords and wires and data streams. Either way, wonderful.

Well, I can't give much upvote but I can resteem. :)


Thank you Donna! :-)

well, I managed to resteem - my upvote is worth only 0.01 (I am under 30%) but sharing on twitter works still OK:


Thanks Otto!

I love the crow, or whatever it is ;)


Thanks @trenz!
BTW, did Steemraiser survive the hardfork?


Sure, He is taking some beers while recovering his VP ;)

In Discord you have all the news.



FYI, @steemraiser will start voting once his VP reach 100%

Pretty quiet in here, isn't it? :D


Yeah, the blockchain still suffers hangover after the hardfork.

I love your paintings there awesome really nice work.

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It might sound silly but do I see correctly that the face is of a male? I guess this is why it's called assimilation? Either way, it is beautiful. The body is painted perfectly. I love the colors that you used. Thank you for sharing!