Beatrix - Dank Stress Release

in #artzone4 years ago

Holy Moly it's been a long time!

In all seriousness, the MCO is no joke. I have to work quite far for my workplace for now since my company cannot use the previous factory.... What a day we live in....

Anyways, this here is an idea that I've kept for a long time but did not realize it.... till now....

Behold my demoness shenanigans again!


.....Is this a demonic stereotype or something? XP

Anyways, steps!





Basic colors




Final design adjustments, very minor...


At first, I'm not that satisfied with the pose. But then I looked at her face and for some some reason, I can't help but chuckle. When you're too adorkable to be angery LOL!

I do know that there is a stereotype where Black Metal music is inspired by some devilish account, especially where some bands used satanic imagery for shock value back in the early 80's I guess? So imagine the frustration when my dear demoness here just tring to jam it out with that stereotype just poped up. My poor demoness. Well, at least she don't smell bad (based on my accounts from my lecturer, some rock band smells awkward) cuz she's just playing a normal song darn it!

I'm pretty stressed out at the moment. And especially with my workplace is further away from my home, I'm gonna have less time doing stuff on my free time.... well, better get used to it....

Anyways, stay safe and have a good day!



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