"Beings Of the Undergrowth", Original Watercolor Art

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Slowly slowly arrived the mushroom season and i finally finished my mushroom drawing (in time..!?) Been quite a long time on it's way, which you can maybe see in the kind of different moods/styles within..
Made as a celebration of the forest spirits, the mushrooms, the beings of the undergrowth, connecting trees and plants of the forest with their vast mycelium and their mysterious forms of communication.


The idea was to make it solely with watercolors, but I was a bit bored with them in the end and chose to turn to some pencil, which helped a lot to get the inspiration back!
It's always a good thing to start from a new angle once the inspiration has failed.


Work in Progress:


Also Available as print:

Tote Bag from RedBubble

Tank Top from Design By Hümans

Laptop Case from TeePublic

Thank you for stopping by! <3


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Wow! So incredibly beautiful. I'm stunned

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So impressive!!! I absolutely love your style <3

This is just gorgeous, I love fungus I tried to do something like it but didnt liked it much. It shows that you enjoyed painting this, I struggled through the whole thing 😂.


gorgeous! Haha, I struggled too! XD Love the result of your struggle though!

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Wow mama, this is really nice! And mushrooms, we love them too!

Wow. I just love this design! I'm glad that you're on RedBubble too. I do like them. I wish you were still a low enough level to feature on the Pay it Forward contest, but I can put you out there in other places instead...


thank you! hehe, too bad, thanks for your support though!! <3

I also draw , sketch only .Not good at colors n paintings

Cool dear ...loved it

Beautiful artwork, I love the merchandise too.

yeah you finished it and it looks amazing, well done lovely xx

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Beautiful! The colours are very lovely and the mushrooms are very various :D Looks amazing on wearable fashion, also <3