The Ramparts Of Ravages - 3D Fractal Art Wallpaper

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Original Fractal Art Wallpaper

The Ramparts Of Ravages - 3D Fractal Art Wallpaper

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**Using Parameters from a Pong by @Undead-Academy on Deviant Art website.

Hi Friends,
No I haven't dropped of the face of Earth, Yet!
But sometimes I do feel that I have. 😎

The rendering of my 3D Fractal video frames has slowed because of the unprecedented heatwave we are experiencing here in the UK!
So I have to render in smaller batches of frames, this allows me to give my CPU a little break between batches. The heat generated by the calculations to render these frames or any continuously rendering is amazing! My PC usually runs at @ 50°C at normal ambient temps., and when I render continuous frames it jumps up to approx. 60°C - but with the ambient temperature we are experiencing, my CPU jumps to almost 70°C constant!

I do have three fans in my case, two blowing in and one blowing out for an exhaust.
I probably will consider a better cooling system soon, unless the temps start to drop, they usually do!
Next month it will probably be bloody snowing!

Anyway, I hope that you enjoy this wallpaper on your machine or mobile devices. Please only use it for that purpose and no other. Unless you get permission of course.

Thanks for viewing!

Please take a minute and

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Hey Craig, how have you been my friend?


Hey Max,
Yeah, been hanging out on lately. Will post here from time to time to time. Also been posting on Sola.
Got lots of new stuff too!

You been ok?


Yeah, everything fine... I have a minds too, don't use it though.

Hi @fractalizer, I'm @checky ! While checking the mentions made in this post I noticed that @undead-academy doesn't exist on Steem. Maybe you made a typo ?

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Nope, no mistake, I was linking to another website little bottie! The user does exist on DeviantArt!
Now you made me speak to a bot! Bitch!


Really? It's necessary to be rude to a service?


Yes, Lol!

My liquid cooling system has made an incredible difference for me. I really recommend making the jump considering how aggressive you are with fractals. Hope all is well.


Excellent, I will definetly consider the options availble when I can spare the cash.
Glad it works cooler now!
Saw you on Minds, I'll try to get over there to point you in the right direction.