Brown Wood Series(Charcoal and pastel on canvas)-The psychological Wound

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I had a motor accident when I was 9 years old. The wounds were treated and it healed with time. Thank God my mum was a nurse.
But the accident did not just leave a wound on my body but also on my mind.
I was only aware of the physical wound and when it healed I felt I was ok. I mean, how could I seek for healing for a wound I didn't even know it was there.
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That incident made me afraid of crossing the road by myself even as an adult. I would always look for someone's hand to hold. I lost trust on my ability to cross the road safely.
But in all sincerity, I didn't know I was doing that and even when friends brought it to my notice, I waved it away with the thought that was just being me.

It was recently that my spirit explained to me what i was doing and the reason behind it.
My point is, there is always a reason behind your actions and beliefs. Our life is shaped with 10% nature and 90% nurture.
So you see, we can heal from physical wound but we also need to heal psychological too.
Psychological wounds are those wounds we got as a result of an experience we had.
Now reflect back, what are those experiences that you have healed from physically but your soul is still hurting i.e psychogical wounds.

Maybe you are like me that was not even aware of the effect the incident had on me. I will recommend you sit back in quiteness and search your soul and you will trace it.
Just because your classmates laughed at you that day you answered the wrong question; you find it hard to express yourself again even as an adult.
You partner cheated on you; now you have trust issues. Your partner left you after you sponsored them financially; now you're so stingy with your current partner.
Your dad carried all the financial burden of the family; now you are married even though you have the resources you find it hard to support your man because you believe it's totally his responsibility to finance the home.
You never saw your dad helped out with house chores; now even though you have the time, you think it makes you less a man to help your wife with house chores.
You believe raising and disciplining the child is the sole responsibility of a particular partner.
Because you dad maltreated your mum; you always feel at war with men. You believe all women are liars because your ex lied about everything.
The truth is, the lifestyle of our parents/guidance becomes our reality unless we consciously work on them.
We tend to duplicate the lives we experienced that is why hurting people hurt others.

Don't allow the situation to leave you bitter but better.
Until you know there is a problem, you can't solve it. Take out time alone with yourself and really ask some deep questions and you will find answers.
What changed you? It could be an experience, belief system or a life style. Share with us on the comment section. And if you need someone to talk to, I am here.
You deserve to be happy.


Wow ... The story of your life is a great lesson for everyone ... Your artwork is very beautiful, very full of poetry ... The colors and even the figure relate very well to the support material ... Many blessings for you. You have a friend in Venezuela with a small upvote for you ... I'll follow you ... ;-)