30 Day Blap Challenge - Day - 27- Get it right - Johnny P - Streetscape Sounds

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Johnny P of Streetscape Sounds is a Producer and Mix engineer based out of London Ontario. The 30 Day Blap Challenge Beats are his work.

Find Streetscape Sounds on:

Illmind Producer Posted a video that sparked some inspiration. Johnny decided he would accept the Blap Challenge and quickly began working on his own beats
Originally posted July 13th

We are approaching the end of the challenge. Only 3 days left now ( 2 technically because Johnny will be posting the daily beat in a couple of hours for this day.) The challenge went by super quick for us.

I have been meaning to discuss how the videos are made , I didn't realize that he had to make a new video each day because they all look the same. He told me that he uses key frames of the logo in timing with the beat so it looks animated. Kind of Japanese to me so I looked up the definition of "Key frames" in this context.

"In media production, a key frame is a location on a timeline
which marks the beginning or end of a transition.
It holds special information that defines where a transition should start or stop.
The intermediate frames are interpolated over time between those definitions to create the illusion of motion."

Doesn't explain exactly how it is done, but maybe that is because there really is no way to put it into laymen terms for the regular brain to understand. Much like many music industry terms! HAHA!

Programs Used:

Beat- Maschine
Video- Adobe After Effects



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