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Hello to everyone who loves art! 😘🎨💜

I haven't shown you my paintings that I draw with my hands for a long time.
But! Now I'm drawing for a cool project! 🥰🤩

Here is a link to this project:


scan 1.3.jpg

This will be a series of illustrations for Tarot cards. It will be very unusual!

Opera Снимок_2020-07-05_002004_www.instagram.com.png

I've never done anything like this. This is something new and very interesting.💚

Opera Снимок_2020-07-05_002032_www.instagram.com.png

Opera Снимок_2020-07-05_002122_www.instagram.com.png

Opera Снимок_2020-07-05_002140_www.instagram.com.png

I share my drawings on the page for dotwork. Here is the link:


What do you say? What do you think?🤔😉😁


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