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Hello to everyone who loves art! 🎨😍💚

I already told you in my last post. Now I'm drawing for a cool project! 🥰🤩

Here is a link to this project:


scan 2.3.jpg

I share my drawings on the page for dotwork. Here is the link:


Opera Снимок_2020-07-08_195403_www.instagram.com.png

This card symbolizes strength and power based on experience and if you draw this card, you definitely have or want to have these qualities. You are a natural leader, you have the ambition and desire to make your mark in this world. Competently organizes all your Affairs and is responsible for your family and your business. You can be aggressive and stubborn, but at the same time has an inner wisdom that balances your assessments and decisions.

Opera Снимок_2020-07-08_195427_www.instagram.com.png

What do you say? What do you think?🤔😉😁


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