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Hello to everyone who loves art! 🎨😍🗝️

I already told you in my last post. Now I'm drawing for a cool project! 🥰🤩

Here is a link to this project:


scan 1.2.jpg

Main map values in the forward position:

🗝️The connection between wisdom and mercy;
🗝️Spiritual leader;
🗝️The search for deep meaning, a true vocation, a "super-task»;
🗝️The test for morality, the test of strength;
🗝️Increased trust and attraction of partners to each other;
🗝️The intention to marry (to get married);
🗝️Folk wisdom;
🗝️Professional board;
🗝️Religious service, wedding;
🗝️Conservatism, generally accepted rules;
🗝️Wise mentor;
🗝️Tradition, the traditional approach;
🗝️This map gives you the choice to explore the needs of your own soul or adjust your self to the needs of others.

Opera Снимок_2020-07-17_122756_www.instagram.com.png

I share my drawings on the page for dotwork. Here is the link:


Opera Снимок_2020-07-17_122840_www.instagram.com.png

What do you say? What do you think?🤔😉😁

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