So, I started drawing! Teary Girl and Palm Tree. Kind Critiques Welcome!

in artzone •  4 months ago 

Teary girl I wish i had done better with her lashes and brows.
Palm tree I like the branches but the trunk is too fat.

I used a black pilot pen on a whim. Next time I am using my derwent graphic pencils so erasing mistakes is possible. Thoughts, constructive criticism, I want to be capable of drawing/ sketching better. Thanks my steemian friends!

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There is much to be sad about in today's world.
The left eye from my vantage is actually quite good:)

Thanks for the feedback. I plan to redraw her fix the eyes and a few other things. =)

I'd be hardpressed to draw a stickman so you're a Leonardo in my view.
This might help:

Every time a person draws they become better at drawing. It is a journey of improvement each day. Enjoy the journey. 🤗

You're right, so that's why I am going to keep working on it :)

Have you ever tried one of those Bamboo tablet thingies. I fooled around on one and thought it was pretty neat. I suck at drawing so it didnt really help in that though lol.