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The blue peacock or the Indian Peacock, which in its scientific name Pavo cristatus is one of the birds of three peacock species. The blue peacock has a shiny dark blue feather. Large adult male, length can reach 230 cm, with a very long tail cover metallic green. Above his head there is a blue crested upwards forming a fan. The female bird is smaller than the male bird. The feathers are not shiny, greenish-brown with black stripes and without the feathery tail cover. Young birds like females.
Blue Peacock populations are spread over open forests with grasslands in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bhutan. Previously this species was also found in Bangladesh, but is now most likely extinct there.

The male peacock is a polygamous species, having multiple pairs. In the breeding season, the male birds show off its tail feathers in front of the female bird. Tail-tail feathers are opened to form a fan with blue eye-shaped spots. Female birds usually incubate three to six eggs.
The Blue Peacock feed consists of various grains, shoots of grass and leaves, various insects, as well as various types of small animals such as worms, spiders and small lizards.
The blue peacock is the national bird of the Indian state. This species also plays an important role in Buddhist mythology, Hinduism and other cultures.


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