Birthday gift from me to Namjoon ♥

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Hi Steemains!♥

I'm back with a really special drawing. I did this to celebrate RM's bday and i joined for an awesome collab. I really enjoyed it. I'm so happy I did this little drawing and I added the cute little crab, what he really likes. I took videos and photos of the progress. But I only can share images so yea. But there are the vids on my ig if anyone's interested. I'm planning to do an awesome giveaway soon too, so it's much more exciting! Yay!!
Our leader -if someones wondering who's he, he's a member of bts- turned 24 on 12th. The most inspiring person ever. I'm just so thankful for him. He deserves the whole world and all the love and all the happiness that is exits. God blss his beautiful soul. I wish him a happy and healthy life. He just turned 24 and being this young, smart and inspiring, he not just helped me, but so many people. I'm sure he will continue on blessing us with his wonderful music, lyrics and words and I can't wait to see more of him.
Happy bday again, Kim Namjoon!♥

~ Materials ~

• Daler-Rowney Soft White Sketchbook - A6,

• Graphite and mechanical pencils.

• White gel pen, dirty (graphite) applicator.

~Progress pictures~










I hope you like it! Can't wait to share more!

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'Till my next post...
Stay safe! xx



Woooow sooo Nicr art 🎨

Beautiful picture you drew. Very nice birthday gift.

Amazing pencil drawing really is amazing dear

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Best gift ever...
this is looks so real friend..

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