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After a lot of downtime for personal reasons that were slipping out of my hands, I republished by this means. Reasons why I had to part with a little bit of social life by this means and a recess in terms of portray, I was a little hesitzous as I thought I had lost practice, however I would get a lot of value and with pencil and paper in hand I decided to do it again E.

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It is amazing how practice does perfection, I say this because I felt that I lost the practice a little and with a lot of maturity I say, because you simply have to accept reality as it comes, it is in one to know it to digest and then face it and always get ahead in as many circumstances as possible. As I re-made the decision to portray again I felt a little insecurity as I had already mentioned a moment ago, I hope that it is all the pleasure of the community this new work that i very much and eagerly and retaken again.

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I hope to catch up with everything I've been doing before, but with changes for the better, and to be able to continue improving the technique of realistic portraits every day more.

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What fills me with great satisfaction is that when I take up this practice I have realized that I AM A DIGNO!

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Beautiful drawing and welcome back

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