An Artwork dedicated for Dad

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This is an artwork dedicated to all fathers out there and this post is to honor all these supermen.💗 (especially my dad mehehe)

This painting shows a dad carrying His baby. Small and weak, yet the Father, big and powerful, is carrying the responsibility of protecting his child from all the cruelty of this world.

My dad, He’s the one who taught me most of the things I know today, especially in Arts. He is always so patient with me, laugh and then compliment my first attempt to a new medium, even laughed at my old works (hahaha!). He taught me how patience works a very important role in painting, he told me that when you want a quality drawing, you should always have to pay attention to the details, and often times, this takes so much time hence requires so much patience.

I remembered when he compared Arts with Love, He said,

“—when you love someone, you notice every single detail on their face, whether it be the number of the moles on their face to neck, the color of their eyes, the shape of their smile or even their lashes. These are what makes them, them. These are the things that makes them different from others, what makes them Unique. You will never know those details unless you pay so much attention to it. The same with Arts, if you don’t put too much attention on the details, it will look plain and lifeless.”

And so I say, pay attention to your Dad (and Mom), have time with him(them) with them, because we are so busy growing up that we often forget that they are also growing old. Always treasure the moments you have with them and treasure them while they are still here.💗

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