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Ever desire something and end up not getting it?
Ever wanting to possess something and it ends up being a fantasy?
Ever wanting to be a custodian of something and it ends up being a mere dream?


The simple reason may be lack passion
The two words, Desire and passion are different but both are needed for successful accomplishment.
Desire means to want, long for something, while passion means to be curious, eager, and desperate about something in order to bring out result from it.

I can desire something today and lose interest in it tomorrow, but if am passionate about it, I won't rest or give up until I achieve it.
You can desire for anything and not go after it but passion will make you so curious of something and consciously work towards getting a desired result.
A lot of people desired awesomeness in a particular endeavour but they aren't passionate about it. They aren't mentally ready to give it what it takes to have that awesome end.

Desire often fade off when faced with little challenges, but when you are been passionate about it, no matter what you are facing, you will make sure you achieve the result.

It is one thing to desire something, and it is another thing to be passionate about it.

When you desire something and you aren't passionate about it, it will be very difficult for you to achieve good result of that thing, why? Because you aren't passionate about it and it is only passion that can make you enquire more than what you can see and enquiries (questions) is the foundation for every endeavour that will work.

Passion doesn’t guarantee a smooth sailing through the sea of life but it keeps you focus on your desire, run even when tired and make you always think about the result.

Do you desire success in any endeavour? Then you need to consciously work it out and be passionate about it
Stop fantasizing it. With passion you can get there.

“Until you are passionate about your desire, it will end up a fantasy”
Remember the words of A German Philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel “Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion”

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