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One was through the body of a lion
The water
I missed the body of a deer
This left the sky, I saw hundreds of birds
Tells me the lions
Swe Swe here is a robust and vigorous
There are some
There are a full tax
There are powerful beautiful pass claws
ပေမယ့် I can not fly
They cut off the body when anger
Dear, I have not found
I immediately left the sky
There we also saw the bodies
Me just say the lions went down into the water
Swe hundred birds, and I was so shocked,
Hundreds of non-living birds, said analysis of water
I even go to the water is difficult to fly
Tells me the lions
These ships have to know Swe hundred birds
The end of the world is unlikely to help
You have to see the sins of others
Branches, you have to understand the most difficult
I know some men's sins and weaknesses
They forget the sins of weakness
Some were his, one's energy
Liu They see its power
I through King Lion
I million from the mane of hair, I do not
Sometimes in life vulnerability
Although it is difficult to meet the
Swe Thein say
If I could fly back
King, of course I do.
I would be satisfied. image


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