[Water-pencil Coloured Drawing] - Keep Moving!

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Five month ago when I joined Steemit and start posting, the highest payout I could earn is only $0.06. It is seriously not what I've expected for. I joined this community for money at first. Just to be honest. At that time the price of Steem is still high. I've made a little investment, not much but it's still a huge amount that can support my pocket money for a month as a student. I bought some Steem to power up and lease some SP so that my account get a bit bigger and my vote worth something to the community and myself.

I was so happy at first. I vote is finally worth $0.04. Yes, it's small, but big enough to gain more followers and make my comments 'visible'. But it doesn't stay longer. The crypto markets were crashed and so does Steem. My account value drop to from $300 to $50 and it might be getting smaller. I don't know. I'm not good at predicting the future.

Keep Moving


Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving. ~Albert Einstein

While most of the users are start powering down, all I can do is just wait and see. Hodling! Of course it such a ridiculous to initiate powering down and sell all my Steem. It's only a small amount and I'm not willing to loss anything I had invested.

Honestly, I nearly give up on Steemit. As the Steem price goes down, my vote worth nothing. And so does the payout for my posts. But hey, this platform is still helped me a lot. From improving my English and writing skills to helping me to practice my drawings. So, what is the reason for me to stop?

And thanks to @qurator, @minnowsupport, @artzone, and many more curators that are supporting me and giving some value to my posts so that I felt a bit motivated to keep writing and drawing!

Here's my drawing process:

  1. The sketching

  2. Watercoloured background painting

  3. Coloured pencils drawing and final product


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