Random Portrait 4.0 - Good things take time

in #artzone3 years ago (edited)


It's a rainy day here today, a really best time to sleep. I had no job to do and it's been a month since I finished my studies and became unemployed. Yes, just a month, not a year, nothing to be worried about. But nah, all my best friends just got hired, how come I'm not worry?

So I've been thinking, I have to do something other than just sleeping lazily. And nah, here comes this:


Another random portrait from me. This time I drew a man. It took me quite longer time than usual and I realised that the result is much better! Yeah, not really an excellent work but better.

I remember when I drew something, it appeared quite good at the beginning but when I tried to finish it, the drawing is getting worse. That's because I'm too rushed to complete my work.

But today I took a longer time to put some attention to the details and it worthy. So here comes the conclusion; Good things take time!

And so does my life. I might not getting a job as early as my friends but it might be something better in the future. It is safe to convince myself that the God gives me a time to learn, to spend time with my family, and do anything I don't get to do when I'm busy with work and study.

What's your thoughts? Do you agree with me?

Here's the drawing process:





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