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This is one of my very old pieces...
I was experimenting with abstract textures
with acrylic paint on toned paper,
then bringing forth what I am seeing
and working on details with a pen.

195# copy.jpg

Facing the unknown,
where our imagination can run free
is a great way for us to reflect and
learn about ourselves.
We are able to express from deeper aspects of ourselves,
beyond the control of our ego's.
The unknown in truth is the greater part of us.
This being that came through
is able to see through the veils of illusion
and travel dimensions.
He is a wayshower,
shining the light on the path,
through the darkness into the light,
and the unity consciousness.

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So beautiful, Kati ! I love the textures and the figure's headdress and face <3 Gorgeous piece~ And the text accompanying it is very interesting too... So he shows us the way? :) Like a spiritual guide ! :D

Thank you so much!;) yes indeed, he is a spiritual guide;)
I seriously need to make more art in this way to bring more of them through into the visible!;p

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much​ gratitude!

Hello, I absolutely love your style, I included this piece in my weekly curation Ocean of Art!

Thank you so much! I so appreciate your support! <3

Beautiful work and words @astraeir

thank you;) I am slowly learning of how to embrace it in words too;p

I used to do that as a kid in detention. I would Stare at the walls and floors Looking for things to pop out and put them on paper. Until they took away my pencil. 😕Then I would just sit and think.
Your picture is excellent! My version was no where near as good. Lol

Thank you! glad you like! I would love to see some of yours! take your pencil back!!;)