Scream of Silence ~ colored pencil art from within

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"Scream Of Silence"
colored pencil drawing on paper
19.5 x 27.5"

This piece came through around 15 years ago or so.
It is an exploration within,
through the layers of consciousness,
in the search of the true self.
It is a reflection on my evolutionary journey
through my old realities,
expansion into the higher potentialities
and a vision of the other timelines,
right before I surrendered my old self
and made a leap of trust into the abyss of the unknown.
It is about my journey of reclaiming
my power and my voice back,
the process of learning of how to use
the energies moving through me more consciously,
releasing and expressing them creatively,
to create the beauty,
using my personal will and intention,
and co-creating with the higher forces at work.
It is my awareness shifting,
in the journey of ascension.
the unconscious becoming conscious..
the invisible becoming seen..
What's been repressed,
has to be expressed
to create a free flow again.

This piece was being born
in the flow,
in the trance states,
in surrender for the sound.








#coloredpencil #drawing #inner #spirit #journey #awareness #consciousness #evolution #creativity #create #silence #empowerment #healing #voice #guidance #trancestates #surrender



thank you!;)

Very beautiful piece, Kati !! I love all the hidden figures and faces * ___ * And the colours ! What wonderful colours <3 Gorgeous design, intricately painted <3 <3 <3 <3

thank's so much!=) <3 these are colored pencils, I think I need to be back to doing these big pieces in this medium!;) It would be interesting to see what would come through with my present awareness..

Dear Artzonian, thanks for using the #ArtzOne hashtag. Your work is valuable to the @ArtzOne community. Quote of the week: Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics. -Victor Pinchuk

thank's for your support!

The thoughts are so deep going to the inner consciousness.The pencil art really so fine and awesome. I also used to draw pencil art but left 15 years ago. @astraeir

yess, going beyond words and thoughts;) ahh! I hope you will feel inspired to pick up this medium again! it's never too late!

Very impressive, all the details are staggering. I can only wonder your dedication to create such a complex design and all the messages it carries. Every time I look at it, I discover a new pattern and a new face, excellent!

thank's so much!;) with this kind of work that is channeled from within, even after the piece is done I keep finding new things myself;) and the meaning also often keeps unraveling​ with time

Wow.. Epic artwork. You just earned another follower! ._.

Yay! Thank you!;) Greetings!

Woooo!! This is fantastic, really. Very elegant, dynamic, trippy and the pencil gives a delicate charm.

Definitely keeping an eye on your profile and waiting for more like this!!

thank you so much!!=)

I really love your style; so fluid.

thank you!=) glad to hear this from you as I am adoring your work as well!

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