Batman vs. Superman / 蝙蝠俠vs. 超人

in artzone •  5 months ago

Greetings to my fans and comic fans, today's drawing is dedicated to the famous Batman vs. Superman movie, where we face superheroes. This drawing took me two (2) hours, only use varieties of pencils, I hope you like, then you can see the result of my drawing and step by step.

今天的繪畫是致力於著名的蝙蝠俠與超人電影,我們面對超級英雄,我的球迷和漫畫粉絲的問候。 這個圖畫花了兩(2)個小時,只用了各種鉛筆,希望你喜歡,那麼你就可以看到我的繪畫效果,一步一步來。

Process of my drawing / 我的繪畫過程

STEP 1: Silhouette of the drawing.

STEP 2: Characteristic details of the suit

STEP 3: I started to formalize the face of both characters, also add details in the hair of superman.

STEP 4:In this step add some lines of expression on the face of superman and details on the layer of both.

STEP 5: For this step I began to shade and blur the superman side, both in the suit and in the hair.

STEP 6:The next step was to give the batman suit dark color to obtain the final result


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Very good job, you draw very well and you did it in 2 hours wooow!

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