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Hello Great Artzonians,

@chiama reporting for @artzone


art by @gric

I am back with another wonderful episode of Artzone Artist Feature. I had a very interesting conversation with @gric and I am so happy to have had a dialogue with this super talented artist. I am stunned at the fact that there are people in this world with such talent.

@gric's work is breath taking and you can see more of his work in his website :

I love art, and I find your work fascinating, talk to me about your art. Do you have a specific niche?

I'm not really looking for a niche. I'm basically trying to do what I enjoy to do and painting the stuff I do is something I can enjoy. I'm not thinking of any particular style or label, but if people need labels then I just throw them terms like surrealism, sci-fy, abstract geometry...


art by @gric

Is your last post an example of abstract geometry? (

You mean the "Passage". Well, I think it can be a little of abstract geometry, a little of surrealism as well as a little of sci-fy.

Are there any of your family members that are artists?

Yes, my parents. Especially my father Jaroslav Gric -

Niceeeeeee So art is in your genes I guess, lol


art by @gric

I am from Nigeria. What country are you from?

I was born in former Czechoslovakia and when I was 11 I immigrated with my family to Austria.

I have a friend who listens to rap music while he paints, he actually taught himself to paint. Do you listen to music while you work?

I listened to music in the past while I was painting but I don't any more since 10 or more years. I paint either in silence or sometimes I listen to audio books, talks and documentaries I find online. My problem with music is that at some point I can't listen to something over and over again and I lack the motivation to search for new music.


art by @gric

What inspires you? Imagination?

It can be many things. Its forms in the nature like rocks, erosion, clouds... but it also can be all sorts of machinery, architecture, and robotics. I also find inspiration in 3D software simply by playing around with abstract forms or by modifying existing forms and bodies. And of course I get inspired by the works of various other artists.

I like art, but I can’t do anything except play with paint like a kid, but an artist like Leonardo da Vinci blows my mind. Which artist’s work in the past holds you spell bound?

My first influence came from my father's surreal work of course. I was always attracted to the imaginative, to the surreal and to science-fiction. The ordinary reality was never enough to me, I had to explore other worlds, thus I was fascinated by artists with a similar orientation, like the surrealists Giorgio De Chirico, Paul Delvaux, Dali, Ives Tanguy, and also Max Ernst, Alfred Kubin, HR Giger, Rudolf Hausner, Odd Nerdrum, Agostino Arrivabene, Henry Moore, De Es and many many others. Sometimes is was just one particular artwork from an artist that inspired me to a new series.


art by @gric

How has Steemit contributed to your journey as an artist?

Well, Steemit is still a small network so I can't compare its impact in terms of finding inspiring content like with facebook. Nevertheless, new interesting artists are joining daily and the pool of inspiration and influence is growing. Many of my fellow artists friends are already active here on Steemit and initiatives like Artzone or Slothicorn contribute here in a fruitful way.


art by @gric

Lovely, do you have any encouraging words for upcoming artists

Do what you enjoy to do, but don't put on yourself the pressure of success. Joy is the origin of creativity. If your priority is joy then you'll get better and better and the chances for success will grow. But, if your priority is money then the fear of failure will poison your joy.


art by @gric

Wow! These are great words to live by. Thank you Peter for your time

Thank you too Chi!

I hope you all enjoyed the interview with @gric, till I come your way next time with another talented artist , Keep it locked with the @artzone blog!!!!!!

Much love from artzone curators:

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Very interesting interview of an awesome artist!!

Really great interview and nice to read. Love @gric art!

Glad I didn't miss this post

upvoted and resteemed!

great artwork, This stuff reminds me of Brom

Gerald's work is top notch as well

Thank you so much @chiama for the nice chat and the resulting interview! Thanks also to the @artzone team - you guys are doing a great job here on Steemit!

Thank you for being our guest.

amazing art

nice feature, always happy when our artists receive recognition
upvoted, resteemed, posted on my twitter:

awesome and lovely interview
@gric ! peter you are the Best

And thanks to dear @chiama , it was great ! <3

I so much love this graphics am seeing, so wonderful and beautiful. keep the good work @gric

Wow! Nothing less than fantastic. Steem punk beauty with an erotic touch... and to this level of perfection! What more could anyone want?

Wow, this is really breathtaking art!

And the way he paints light.. Top shelf!

Truly remarkable

wow, i'm stunned. and this was done by human being?
@gric is totally amazing, don't know which other word to qualify your talent, and not only talent, imagination.

Yes it was.
He is truly talented!

@gric inspires me to be a better artist. Thank you for this interview; got some inspiring words to live by in my brain now.

great interview this makes me want to up my art game so i can get on one of these features

Nice interview @artzone, I've been following @gric since i became a steemian 4 months ago, so it's nice to learn a little more about him and see more of his fabulous work. Thanks for sharing!

you are welcome.

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Wow great artwork very striking, love the geometry.

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Follows Joy instead of the money and progression. that is so hard in the positions of some people. but that words are accurate.
Everything is so perfect. The composition, the elements, the colors. Amazing Art.

Visually arresting artworks. Brilliantly stunning.

Your photos are very beautiful and really expressive
You talk about special events
Well done publishing


This is really good and informative interview!
And Peter is truly a contemporary master. :)
"Joy is the origin of creativity" , so honest and truly encouraging words :)
Thank you @gric and @artzone

Wao.. i really love your drawings