ARTzone ONE Year Anniversary Today! - @artzone is the SHINING STAR of Internet Music and ART!

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@artzone Smart Media Community (SMC) is very happy to announce the completion of our airdrop of the MULA token to over 10,000 followers, contributors, and curators of our AMAZING COMMUNITY!

20% of ALL MULA tokens are in the hands of 10,000+ artzonians!

Curators, Contributors and Followers of the last 12 months have been rewarded AGAIN for their patronage and participation.

NOTE: Please use wallet OR KeyChain for Steem (chrome store) Wallet to verify you have received MULA tokens from @artzone ;-)

Using the steem-engine Smart Contract Token (SCT) on the Steem Blockchain, we have now completed on March 8, 2019, what we believe to be the FIRST AIRDROP on this important new Steem side-chain, that could eventually become a Graphene standard.

Please check your Steem Wallet to see:

  • SteemPeak Steem DAPP - Now supports the SCT token (!), and a market for it’s trading
  • KeyChain for Steem - a fully featured steem wallet extention to Chrome browser
  • Many more to come, much of this occurring only just this week!

Distribution vs Value vs Scarcity

  • 60% of the MULA token will be LOCKED and reserved for specific functions over the next 5 years!
  • 20% has been distributed to participating members of @artzone in the last 24 hours
  • 20% will be distributed in the next 10 months to those the HODL!
  • 20% is LOCKED and slowly spent to pay curators for their time and interest, developers to create our DAPP(s), Hosting costs, sponsorships.

    Over 10,000 followers and contributors participated in @artzone SMC last year on the Steem blockchain and we now reward them, with their own blockchain and tokens to spend among each other and to trade for STEEM.

    Let us CREATE A MARKET on the new exchanges that have appeared for this: and Soon in the future, we expect and to join in exchanging SCT as well.

    We believe with this plan we can create a market, MOTIVATE people to both use and hold their MULA, as well as create many incentives for curators, artists and musicians to contribute their VERY VALUABLE ATTENTION to the ARTzone!

    A complete White Paper will be published soon, with complete technical details, to fully illustrate what we have done, and why, and how we arrived at these decisions as a DAC and fully intend to operate a DPOS blockchain as a 'Complementary Currency' (see wikipedia).

    A complete roadmap will be more fleshed out soon, but the basic idea is to HODL!

    For the next 10 months, if you hold your tokens, you will be REWARDED FOR DOING SO!

    With a further airdrop schedule as follows:

    April 10, 2019 - 10% of the 2.4 MIL tokens will be distributed to all users holding tokens, based on how many they hold on this date.
    May 10, 2019 - Same as above, etc for following dates as well
    June 10, 2019
    July 10, 2019
    Aug 10, 2019
    Sept 10, 2019
    Oct 10, 2019
    Nov 10, 2019
    Dec 10, 2019

    Please keep in mind no current STAKING feature is available and this will change soon. Once available, staking will be the same as holding tokens, and we will reward those that stake tokens as part of the road map going forward as the future reveals itself further to our community.


    "edprivat”,1,365,0,53,400,206,1339,38580 <= with "1339 activity points”, we agree @edprivat to be MVP of ARTzone! Rewarded 38,580 MULA!



    Final thoughts for the most Amazing Day:

    It starts HERE NOW!

    • Make a market on steem-engine and try out buying and selling MULA; let's demonstrate we have activity!
    • MULA is REAL!

    MULA is as REAL as we agree to make it, THUS accept MULA for:
    - your time and services
    - to reward others for their service
    - it will be valuable over a period of time

    Whitepaper, Roadmap and WEEKLY SAT NIGHT DISCORD PARTY to follow SOON!

    Happy Ladies Day to all our FEMALE members!
    TOO MANY TO LIST so fellas; come to the party SAT and meet them yourself ;-)



    As of Mar 8, 2019, we have accomplished so many things!

    • 5000+ artworks posted and available for viewing on (PLEASE VIEW FOR YOURSELF!)

    • An excellent management and curation team that carries us forward even during lean times.

    • TOP QUALITY artists and musicians posting to Steem network using the #artzone tag, alerting us they request to be reviewed and included in our daily gathering of the best Art and Music posts of the day.

    Considering we are all volunteers, wishing to see our @artzone community grow, as Steem grows, I think we have demonstrated incredible success.

    In 2019, we have new goals in mind: NEW ARTzone DAPP, a new Complimentary Currency (MULA) and the pure joy of one YEAR of ARTzone!

    • many great artists continue to contribute world class content and we are so happy to help promote and bring attention to how powerful blockchain enabled social media communities will be in the future!

    @artzone art viewer!
    We intend to expand to a new way to browse art on the internet. It is just a rough view of the potential but we can include music, ratings, ranking and many more features in the weeks to come.


    Amazing Artworks Posted Daily! SEE:

    @edprivate is Director of ARTzone and a world class musician as well:
    EdPrivat Spanish Joint.png

    Please visit his music site!


    surfyogi gallery eos steem (1).jpeg

    Sincerely and at your service, SY-



Of course none of this would have happened if I did not have the excellent help of the @artzone staff:

@misrori - Director of Technology
@edprivate - General Director
@gbija - Fine Arts Director
@nmalove - Finance Minister
@jacobite - Graphic Arts Director

and our many amazing curators, I will leave for others to list! ;-)

Cheers, SY-

Until we have a demonstrational working community that thrives, I don't think we have much to sell.. but ARTZONE CAN BE the center of music and art on the internet, so we will only be limited by the scale of our dreams and our convictions to accomplish it.

Congrats @artzone. Looking forward to another year!!!

happy new anniversary @artzone
is @surfyogi the boss of artzone community ?

That's awesome @artzone, cool that this is on the leading edge of bringing SMTs to the world in a functional way!

And thanks for the tokens! Went and checked out for the first time, today.

Check your wallet balance ya’all at That was a pleasant surprise this am. “Mula,” great name for a token, by the way. 👍🏿

Just found my MULA tokens. Cheers, will HODL and continue contributing to the community. Art post should be coming up either today or tomorrow. Depends how far I get on this piece...

Thanks for the Art! Thanks for the Love!


Congrats! Happy birthday.
Much #Love

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Congrats to those who got the token and happy birthday in arrears to @artzone.

Happy aniversary & Thanks for the Mula Token 😊

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Happy 1st Anniversary! @artzone...

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Dear friend, you do not appear to be following @artzone. Follow @artzone and get added to our voting list for valuable up-votes!

@misrori can you check to find out if @twirble is following and if this is a bug in reminder the bot please?

good news, now the work is paying off, thank you friends always give artzone support to the artists, greetings.