Poetry - If He Had Been a Monster | by Andi Loveall

in artzone •  8 months ago

If he had been a monster stalking in the dark
If he had been a creature like a lion or a shark
She could chalk it up to primal drive or the nature of the beast
Instead, she got a man who made every day a feast

If he had been a monster, sent straight up from hell
The fangs and scales and scary hooves would make it easier to tell
She could’ve fought him with a cross and with water that was blessed
She could’ve let him eat her soul so she could finally get some rest

If he had been a monster, come back from the dead
Then she could have understood why he’d eat right through her head
She could’ve chalked it up to the end of life on Earth
Not surviving zombies would not tarnish her self-worth

If he had been a monster, it would all make sense
She could’ve fought him with a sword or shot him in defense
She could’ve chalked it up to a message from above
Instead, she got to be the one who in the end chose love

Not the monsters in the shadows out there loving on their prey
Not the love she’d settled for, from which she’d run away
Not a love outside of her, but one that glowed within
Lighting something bigger than whatever they had been

If he had been a monster, she wouldn’t have stayed near
Of course she would’ve run like hell, a monster’s cash is fear
Anyone can run from monsters, dodge their vicious cuts
It was when she left the one she loved, she knew that she had guts

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Thank you! I do all forms of the creative arts, and I appreciate the community here. :)