So Dreamy!

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One of those days when you feel like laying in the bed all day, maybe daydreaming, lost in some past thought or just gazing out the window..

I like to add TV shows sometimes when it’s raining heavily or have a good book with me. I was always like this when I was introduced to novels and they were the ever popular Goosebumps by R.L Stine! Those books always sent me in the world of unlimited imagination and writing that touches your heart. I like imagining about things, possibilities of an unknown future and occasionally dwell in some sweet memories the past. Today I felt a little dreamy when I was missing my friend’s adorable cat and I had a big smile just remembering playing with her and her 5 am mischiefs ❤️

I don’t know, I think am a dreamer and somehow a lot of the things I dream about happen to me for real! Haha weird? 🤓







Thank you!

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Nothing else tripped me except her red lips with a reflected light on it. It is so gorgeous.

I also love the dark blue you used as her cloth which compliments her blond skin.
The piece is amazing.

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Thank you so much! I like the blue too hehe :D

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This looks so cool. Reminds me of pop art style.

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Glad it’s not just me who felt that! And thank you for the appreciation 🙂

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