5 x 3’s

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Completed these 4 landscapes yesterday and I like the way they turned out to be. As a composition I would say that it could be soo much better and the sunset in the field feels as if it doesn’t belong in this page. Should have chosen something from warmer colors but oh well.

It was a good experimentation and a neat one because in this sketchbook I generally don’t define boundaries with masking tape and let a painting loose. But I am very much liking the preciseness and the controlled look of it.you can check out my last 2 posts to have a closer look at 2 of them along with some process shots. This way is really great for test pieces and story telling of some kind. Seems very fitting. What do you guys think of them?









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You should consider using 'creativecoin' tag. They are a tribe with their own token (creativecoin) which is meant to reward all kinds of creative content. I'm sure yours would be welcomed there :)
creativecoin.xyz is their front-end

I have started using the tag in some of my recent posts. Thank you so much for letting me know 😊

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Sure thing! The Steem experience is becoming much nicer when there are communities forming around niches – a go-to places to find something specific.

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Also, don't forget to stake your tokents in creativecoin.xyz to earn more creativecoin from curation – you even have 1,000 coins sitting there already from the airdrop!

Sure :)

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this is amazing, i think the sunset fits perfectly

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Phew! I thought it sucked lol. Thank you 😀

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yeah I think beauty is subjective :)

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