oil painting in canvas , allaprima technique

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oil painting on canvas

alla prima technique

here is my painting, i did it with alla prima technique . i used some warm colors for this painting ,
it's sometimes i would like to start to paint with oil colors again , i hope i can start and find new inspirations




MArgin adelepazani222.jpg

i am doing some illustrations for my circle's series , it is a long time and still i am working on it , i have no idea when i will stop it , mostly i draw with ink brush and rapid . and sometimes i add the a background to my works .
i draw almost everyday .i hope you enjoy my drawings and imaginations

MArgin adelepazani222.jpg

Thanks & have a great day !



Very cool...I like this. 😊👍👌🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
15 min and I can Upvote.

You seem to have created the 3D effect.... Kudos

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thank you ! :-)

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Amazing work!

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