Bargue Method

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Bargue method

it was one of my homeworks , for realistic drawings
drawing with lumograph pencils , with a very sharp nib , first we learned how to make the nib of pencil ,and get it ready to draw , it took almost two week , (more or less ,i am not sure really ,, because i forget such unnecessary things )
but i did it patiently , if i had a wrong i should do it again .so i tried not to waste my time , and did my best .




the more sharpen the more clear surface , i dont think if im going to do it again , that was enough for me to see if i'm able to do it or no , but maybe i could do it better . anyway it was a good challenge



some old charcoal painting




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That drawing is truly impressive. I particularly like the wood texture and the reflection.

I like to use a TK pencil, where you have individual leads, that you can bring out and sharpen as far as you like it. Then I use sandpaper for sharpening...


I was going to say the same thing @reinhard-schmid, that reflection on the wood grain is superb!

What else can I say? This is exceptional! I love how the geometrical block mirrored on the surface. You never fail to amaze me, adele! 😍😍😍👏👏👏

Wow!! Incredble job!