Distributing 100 Artzone MULA Tokens to a known hodler, rishi556 to promote Artzone on steem as the future DeviantArt style Dapp for Steem

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Here is a nice post to document my distribution of 100 Artzone MULA tokens (vsent very easily ia keychain chrome extension by @yabapmatt ) and also this post details some of my favorite new developments on steem that came up while looking for the records of me sending the @artzone MULA tokens ... yup steem-engine tokens have their own block explorer! https://bloks.xyz and it has a similar style to Steemd.com our own steem block explorer.

https://bloks.xyz/ is so sick! OOOh I love it! It makes these tokens so much more REAL and in a sense more tangible! It makes us see the steem-engine tokens are NOT just a google spreadsheet coin but a legit cryptocurrency second layer (Like Lightening network is to Bitcoin_)

Look at that boys! It's a REAL Block Explorer for steem-engine tokens so we can share Transaction IDs and do so much with our steem-engine tokens... we can nerd out on the details over instagram Reddit and twitter and attract all the crypto nerds over to steem as they start to drool over our blockchain speeds and AND they REALLy start to FOMO when you actually RELIEVE some of that Fear of missing out by SENDIG the newusers some actual Steem and SBD by giving them Upvotes, at no charge to you,,, does @aggroed even know how cool this looks???

Look we even have a transaction ID aee1a046 for the 100 @artzone MULA tokens

( @surfyogi 's Artzone Project is one of those steem-engine tokens with some real people, funds and vision behind it and honestly a deviantart style front end for steem is a no brainer, an Art "Zone" for steem is inevitable as artists will want a simple place to post art and have a way to make money and steem is all here ready to go! (Also Steem for SCHOOLS with a front end for teachers and students will also be inevitable and a similar project to Artzone one day)

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Solid, appreciate it. Asking nicely does work guys.

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