Artwork from digital pics

in #artwork4 years ago

Second post on here and I have decided to let you know another hobby of mine.
Which started few years ago when I bought my first tablet, which was a nexus7 1st generation.

I saw some amazing cartoon like dog-portraits and thought, I want to do same.
And with a stylus and a lot of practice and different ways of doing these I came first to these things,.. very simple but also very shaky.

The more I did these, the more detailed I wanted to go and I moved on to using a note3.
Which has a better stylus and then a note 10.


I then got a surface pro3, and a stylus enabled screen for my PC and now an HP spectre x360 which got a N-trig stylus enabled touch screen.

And then I really started to enjoy doing these




There was actually a demand and I actually started to take commissions.

the last one I did so far was this one, my own Perry and I decided not to finish it because it looks great as it is.


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