Artstorm Contest # 87 Day 7 - 'Adventure' Week - Theme Today - Adventures with Ar

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Hello Steemit Family!

Here’s my entry for “Artstorm Contest # 87 Day 7 - 'Adventure' Week - Theme Today - Adventures with Art.”

“Weeping Angels” is the title of my digital drawing I created for today.
I believe that we each have a loving guardian angel that watches over us throughout our entire lifetime. I also believe that the angels weep for us from time to time, weather it’s for the pain and suffering we may be going through, or for the pain and suffering we may be causing others. They are always watching over us, all the while looking down from the heavens, Gods helpers, aren’t they amazing?
Portraits of Angels, are one of my most favorite things to draw, or paint, I even have a collection of angel figurines all displayed in my living room❣️


For He shall give His angels charge over you,
To keep you in all your ways.
Psa 91:11


Thank you @deemarshall for providing this wonderful contest, thank you @laputis & @organduo for your continued donations for prizes for this contest and others, and thank you friends for all your support, and may God bless you❣️

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This is a strange piece. One can hardly imagine an Angel weeping.

This is a strange piece.
One can hardly imagine
An Angel weeping.

                 - maxwellmarcusart

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

He’s sad because there’s not enough love in the world ❣️

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Thank you❣️

Amazing for some but scary for others. My mum was brought up as a catholic and was petrified of her guardian angel for many years :(

Ahhh... that’s to bad, I have met other people who have said that they where frightened of Angels as well❣️

What a beautiful angel, I congratulate you

Thank you friend for your friendship and kindness ❣️

My dear friend, if you powered up your earnings, you have enough Steem and SBD to become a minnow and leave planktonhood behind...

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Thank you @organduo ... it seems like your always looking out for my best interests here on Steemit, and I sincerely appreciate it! I haven’t looked at my Steem and SBD for quite awhile now, so thank you so very much! Your like having my own personal guardian angel here on Steemit HA HA ... your very generous, kind, and considerate my friend, and I appreciate you ❣️

Thanks for being so kind!

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Hey friend how are you long time no see, I certainly will be back cuz I miss you and steemit! And drawing ❤ love this work of art! Xxx

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