Entry for Artstorm contest week #13—Parade

in #artstorm5 months ago

I used to be a part of a marching band when I was little. I was twirling a baton wearing a nice regal uniform. Sigh. I miss those days but I had to stop before 7th grade because I need to devote more time for studies.

This drawing shows a group of red ants walking on a parade all dressed in blue. They look great with their uniform as blue perfectly matches their red color. Zoom in to see what is happening. Hope you enjoyed reading. Thanks for dropping by.



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This is a very interesting and amusing work. Great drawing. 😁

Very cool and interesting work. Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks to @trincoswski, I found this endearing ant band. Love it!

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I found you through your featured blog by @trincowski and i hope this helps for more exposure

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