Artstorm Contest # 57 Day 3 - New Year Week - Theme Today - Reflections on 2018

in artstorm •  18 days ago

Hello friends!
Happy New Year!
Here is my illustration about the 2018 reflections theme for the contest promoted by @deemarshall
It was personal triumphs and also falls ... but thank God I graduated from college and I'm about to get my other title as a designer! ;)
And wishing that this year 2019 is very successful, prosperity and above all, a lot of health =)
I hope you like it ;)


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Congratulations on your graduation :) You are sitting comfortably as you reflect :)

Congratulations friend on your wonderful achievement, wonderful drawing ❣️

Thanks you friends! =)
I appreciate your comments! =)

Congratulations, your a winner friend ❣️