Artstorm Contest #33 Day 4 - Sweet Dreams

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My Snoring Monster

Hi everyone!
Here's my entry for today's theme which is "SWEET DREAMS".
Well, this is the actual image of my boyfriend right now, he is sleeping. HAHAH!
He is asleep since we're in different timezone. (CH - PH love affair). #LDR
It sucks to be in a LDR but all is worth it. You just have to be faithful, loyal, and understanding. Most importantly, your communication should be constant. ;)

I decided to make him as my art for this theme since I want to produce something different and ofcors, I miss him! It has been 2 mons since the last time I held him. CHARR
And I believe he currently has his Sweetest Dreams right now.

CATEGORY: Non Digital Art



Thanks @deemarshall and more powers!

- P.H.O.E.B.E.


I hope he is dreaming of you :)

Nice work! Like it very much!
It's seem that you are creative person so I invite you to Quotizm art challenge. I believe that will be interesting for you! :)