Artstorm Contest #32 Day 2 - Theme - BOREDOM

in #artstorm3 years ago

Hi Steemians!

Here's my entry for today's theme which is boredom arranged by @deemarshall.
Been 5mons since the last time I participated in this contest.
Just wanna try my luck here again. :D

CATEGORY: Non-digital Art


this is how I literally picture myself out when I get bored, SLEEPING. zzZ




- P.H.O.E.B.E.

Hi everyone!!
I encourage you all to support and vote
Terry @surpassinggoogle as your witness.
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Your baby must be so bored, haha.

exactly dee. hihihih!

Hahaha! That's cute 😍

awww hahahah. thankies!!

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Such a cute drawing! I loved it

aweee thanks geramel :D

No problem. Continue sharing your artwork! Would love to see your art journey here on steemit :)

i will. thankyou! :D