Artstorm Winners!! #37 Day 6

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Artstorm Contest #37 Winners.jpg

Artstorm Contest # 37 - Day 6 - The Daily Winner Is ...

Hey Everyone,

Contest #37 Day 6 had 1 entry in digital art and 4 entries in non-digital art.

The theme was 'Dieting'.

Today there is 1 prize of 0.250 Steem.

@organduo is a Contest #37 Day 6 winner. Congratulations! I have transferred the prize of 0.250 Steem.

Here is the entry:

New Doc 2018-08-18 - Page 2.jpg

Here is a link to the full post:

I chose this entry because it's so true that people delude themselves about their size.

As always, many thanks to everyone who entered.

Here is the link to today's contest in case you would like to enter:

If you'd like to enter the Colourstorm Contest please follow this link:


Thanks Dee, and congratulations @organduo❣️

Thank you for your support :)

Thanks Dee. But Spiky FEELS so skinny...

You are welcome! Feeling skinny is being skinny in our world :)

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