Animal drawing contest : Golden Retriever.

in arts •  2 years ago

Hi Steemit friends! Hope you are having a great day.
Today i want to share with you my new pencil drawing of a Golden Retriever puppy.
This drawing is my entry for the Animal drawing contest hosted by @marty-arts . I love dogs and it was the first thing which came into my mind when i was reading about the Animal drawing contest. So, I decided to draw it. Hope you will like it.
Drawing duration : 4.5 hours.

The process :

Made the outlines using a HB pencil.

Then i started shading with a 4B pencil and blended the graphite using a Q-tip.

Here i have used 6B and a 4b pencil for the eyes. I also started wonking on the Dog's fur using a sharp 4B pencil.

Then i used a 6B pencil to draw the dark hairs on the Dog's fur.

Here i have used a HB mechanical pencil to draw hairs on the lighter areas. Also used a 4B and 6B pencil to draw the nose.

Completed drawing the paw and shading the area below and the paw.

Thanks for reading.

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Finally I found a truly original, really creative, artistic, talented post!
It's amazing that you made this detailed dog face pencil drawing in 4.5 hours!
I can tell that you really love dogs!
My upvote is worth only approximately $0.03, but I upvoted and resteemed your post to support your work!
I also started following you to see more of your great works!
Enjoy Steemit! Have a nice day and have a nice weekend!


Thank you.

Talented, good line work, following. Great job!


Thank you. ☺

You have skill and I love the subject!