When blue isn't enough 💧 Light it up 🔥

in #artphotography6 years ago

"Get some color in"

Today, I present to you, a truly magical water photo. 🔥 A fiery one. 🔥 The play of the blue, red and yellow are so hypnotic, I can't take my eyes off it. The splash of water, creates some kind of "tornado 🌪 colors," that creates all possible colors..... 😍
It's really interesting how those colors are created... No, it's not photoshopped and... NO, I didn't put the water on fire. 😄

So let me ask you:

"Do you have any idea, how did I do it? How did I get the colors in the water ?"
If you answer right, you will get my 100% upvote - I know I know... it not much, but it is something. 👍

Cam: Sony a6000
Lens: Sony 90mm macro G OSS 1:1

I hope you enjoy the photo and if you are excited to see more amazing footage, don't forget to follow me 👍 and it's Friday, so enjoy the weekend!

Till next time...
Yours truly, @marjanko

P.s.: TIP - For such an easy answer, you don't need it.



Your wealth of ideas is incredible. It is such a beautiful picture : D

Awesome photo Marjanko!
Did you drop a waterproof torch light into the water to get this effect?

Upvoted and resteemed :D

@icedrum Thanks for the huge support ! I appreciate it.
uhh... I never thought of that... cool idea! Will try it in the near future...
@alexs1320 has the concept right, but a few things are missing.

Love it!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Thank you so much @maria444 fot the support. I appreciate it.

It really looks like the water is on fire. GOOD WORK
How did you do it, I do not know. :(

Thank you @legendarymonster
Will see, if someone else will know the answer.

That's cool !! Do you mix water with gasoline? :D

@matajingga ..At some point, this idea will go through my head :)

Maybe you made a fire and it is reflected in the water?

No... but a good idea

Stunningggggggggg!!! outstanding work! I love it ❤ what a timing and lovely colors. love your style.

Wow, absolutely amazing photograph of Fire with water.
I really like this picture.

It's just enchanting...😍@tussar11 Thanks for the support ✌️

I have no clue how you made the colour, but it is awesome as all water sculptures you have created.

@nelinoeva ✌️Thanks for the support 🤗
TIP.... No, sorry. It would be to easy...
...Maybe in a day or two...

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