🎶The Art of Music🎵Round #4 | SHAPE OF YOU - ED SHEERAN (Acoustic version in a video of ONE SHOT)

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HEY GUYS! This is my first entry in this great contest for its round #4

Being a week dedicated to an artist as exceptional as Ed Sheeran is, I decided to compete with this video of a shot I made some time ago with extraordinary people. I would like to tell you a little about the work we have done for this acoustic version of shape of you.

First, we recorded the audio of the song, based on a simple sound with guitar, piano and minor percussion. Then, we proceeded to record the video. It occurred to me to do something different, that was dynamic, and including some dance and different performance associated with the theme of the song, for example, the dancer jumping the rope, in simulation mode of the preparation scenes for the boxing ring in the original video.

On the piano, and details such as the marimba, was found @itslobianco, a talented pianist and singer, who also accompanied me in the choreography on the video.


@carlosvidal was in charge of playing the acustic guitat and minor percusion . Excellent person and sensational artist who was part of the dancers too.


The cameraman was my brother, who at only 17 years old, does a great job creating, filming,and editing quality content. he is @christopherb

Shape of you is one of the most emblematic songs of Ed Sheeran, despite being something different from his type of repertoire. Here is the original song:

I hope you enjoy this work we have done with a lot of love! Greetings to all, and the best vibes to all the contestants!


Buenísimo. Felicidades👏👏👏👏

muchas gracias linda!

Esta buenisimo el video, muchisima suerte.

Agradecida!!!!! qué bueno que te haya gustado!

Espectacular mi amiga bella. Te felicito. Hay andrea para rato jejejej. Me encantó

Qué bellaaaaaaaa! muchas gracias María de mi corazón!!!!!

Espectacular! Es una entrada fresca y contagiosa. Me encantaron las tomas y el acompañamiento de los bailarines. Éxitos!!

muchas gracias, me alegra que te haya gustado gran maestrísimo Orlando jeje. éxitos para ti también!

Ya me sospechaba que detrás de esta delicada figura se escondía una gigante de la música . Bravo 👏🏽Andrea

Agradecida con usted!!!! Es un honor que le haya gustado este trabajo, un fuerte abrazo srito!

Esta super genial lo ame!
💗 Este concurso es tuyo linda

qué amable! muchísimas gracias, en serio!

Recuerdo cuando grabamos esto, realmente que pasamos un rato agradable. Siempre es un placer compartir contigo preciosa! tienes mucha visión y desbordas talento. Loveu

fue un excelente día, definitivamente! gracias por acompañarme siempre, y compartir tu gran talento conmigo! loveu moreee

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ow guys, thanks a lot for this!!!!! i really appreciate this!

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The song and the video were just perfect, I love the simplicity behind it all and the fact that you guys look like you had so much fun doing it. Kudos! Wish you fortune in the contest and in your careers :)

omg, thanks a loooot <3 i really appreciate the fact you felt that way, bcs we were spending such a good time!!!! Wish you the same! all the good things for you! greetings!

Como siempre, nunca nos defraudas. Qué hermoso Carlitos, qué hermosa tú siempre! gracias por traer música a steemit! me encantó el baile <3

Qué bello comentario, me pone EN EXTREMO FELIZ haberte leido!!!! Qué honor que haya sido de tu agrado!!! Y no agradezcas. De hecho gracias a TI por apreciar nuestro trabajo! Un fuerte abrazo y éxitos siempre!!!

Les quedó genial! Felicitacionesss...!!!

muchísimas gracias!!!

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