[CR] Mysterious Guy

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Hi everyone   

This is my first to post [CR] i'm not sure about rules and i'm not sure about my english language 

because i can use a little bit. But i will keep going in someday i will good at all if i must traning usually



The one man he adventure is long time meet differrent people either bad guy , good guy 

he is friendly and not hurt someone but if you aggressive him you will see something 

in to the shadow hide in the cloth he had something maybe guns which you will die before

you see a gun

How to do

I draw this guy on B5 Paper i'm has a inspiration from movie or game [Step one] sketch something on 

to paper with HB pencilbecause  HB - shadow is low [Step two] If you confident about it Now you

can use pen [pigma] and after use pen finsh [Step Three] use eraser to remove a shadow 

[Step Four] use a pencil to add some shadow                             

                                REGARDS  @pijast115

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