[CR] Spiral art, soft sculpture

in artisteem •  5 months ago

Artwork ImageI want to share my artwork made of fabric.

It's more of form oriented than concept.

I make a sketch first. Then make pattern with paper.

Together with fabric that goes with it. Here with this piece, sadly I used up my favorite red curtain textile. I call it textike because it has layers, multi colored and woven. I hope to find something like this soon....

Ok, then I make interlining for parts needs support.

Interlining is hard thin stuff used inside the collar of a shirt. I usually use it to make my work standing.

And I included a stretchy material because I'm thinking what's the difference between paper and fabric that I am using? Why don't I just use paper? There are beautiful Bauhaus paper cuttings that stands out beautifully.
Then I always gets back to comfortable nature of fabric and pumping it up by characteristics stretch for this piece.

By the way, I am trying to upload multiple images from this artisteem platform for the first time, and from my android phone, not sure it's working right. I can't see the preview, so I am very open and please give me a suggestion anyone knows this well.

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Hi @naomipangolin ! This is very artistic and very interesting artwork :D I like it !

I can also see multiple images so, I think you are doing great !!!


Hi, thanks for dropping by!
Really? Actually, I tried multiple images but seems to take only one image from this artisteem platform. So I posted like that and logged in from esteem app to edit to add more images.

Now I still see only 1 image on this artisteem platform....

Is others having same situation or I should work from PC?

Amazing work!

So original and very elegance sculpture.Much beauty with delicate flavor.