[CR] Doodling trying new brushes

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Hello guys ,

i'm just trying some new brushes and i thought that i should share this one with you i always aim to achieve a painterly look in my paintings but it's very hard to mimic traditional in digital i think there is some similarities in technique but the final products are different, let me know what do you think and i'll see you in the next one

Doodling test part 9.jpg


Doodling test part 1.jpg

Doodling test part 2.jpg

Doodling test part 3.jpg

Doodling test part 4.jpg

Doodling test part 5.jpg

Doodling test part 6.jpg

Doodling test part 7.jpg

Doodling test part 8.jpg

Doodling test part 9.jpg

Thank you all for your support :)


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It's beautiful, I love your illustrations

What a lovely painting. The way you draw is very nice, I like it a lot :).

It's beautiful , I love your panting

Very lovely portrait ! I love the colours so much <3 The way you paint skin tone is absolutely lovely <3 Great step by step presentation, also !!!

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