[CR] Drawing Head of Christ - Da Vinci

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Artwork ImagePencil drawing on A5 paper of one of Da Vinci's drawings of Jesus. I have noticed Da Vinci made the male features in his portraits quite feminine. They would have long hair, soft jaw, high brow ridge. They are almost indistinguishable in some cases. Nonetheless, his portraits have a calming, soothing presence and are a good depiction of beauty. I think the proportions were slightly off in this piece and could still further be improved.
It took me 30 minutes to an hour to complete.

Thanks for checking my art!


[Artisteem Supporter]

Hi @iansart!, I've seen this is your second Artisteem artwork. You make beautiful drawings, congratulations!

I take this opportunity to recommend using the labels in the title [CO], [CR] or [CU] depending on the entry you make, for more information see our guide for artworks 📖
I hope to continue appreciating your artwork here at @Artisteem. Shine Your Light

Da Vinci is the best painter in history and I hope to be like him
Thank you for this painting
this is for me

Dear Artzonian, thanks for using the #ArtzOne hashtag. Your work is valuable to the @ArtzOne community. Quote of the week: Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics. -Victor Pinchuk

Amazing drawing, so very beautiful details. stoke is awesome. love your artwork.

Great drawing!

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