Floating - pencil portrait

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Hey, everyone :)

I am back again with another girl portrait drawing. I was having great fun drawing the hair on this one. I wanted to make it super flowy and see how much I can bend it without it looking awkward and weird in the end. In this case it kinda gives it a bit of a underwater vibe with the way the hair is floating and I do like it XD


This one I took as a challenge upon myself and only to use my first and cheapest coloring pencils that I own (40 colors eco pencils that i bought I think for around 3 EUR XD ). It was very hard to layer the colors.. they were super waxy and once one layer was applied, it was almost impossible to layer a 2nd color on top. So i tried to apply the colors with barely any pressure in order to be able to layer them to some extend, but in the end that made the whole process take that much longer.

So in conclusion cheap art supplies do not hinder a person in making art, you can make amazing pieces, but also the colors look way duller and has a waxier finish in this case. I am almost tempted to try and make the same drawing, but instead using my expensive pencils XD but will see.

Also the paper looks yellowish, because I was using some card stock, but I like how it looks :)

I am thinking for my next post to finally try and draw a male, I need to improve my anatomy skills and I love a badass male character.

Hope you guys like how this one turned out.
Until next time!

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aww why the sad kitty?

Its so good 😊

Thank you :)

Yes! I love how you did this with cheap pencil and it looks lovely. So many people think good art = expensive art supplies, but your drawing just proves it's not the case ^^

Thank you for the sweet comment, @wilnonis ^_^
Yes, it is true - you do not need expensive art supplies to be able to create beautiful pieces, but I always recommend if a person can afford it to go for at least medium grade supplies, because it does make a difference. But this is a very long topic :)

She is lovely, I like how flowing and free her hair is. Keep experimenting =).

Lovely! I wish I can draw like that!

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Nice headshot, @hentikage :) I like the colours, it is pretty~

She has a beautiful look and her hair is beautiful! Your talent is great