[CR] Hajime - The Serious One

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Hello everyone :)

I picked up my sketch recently with the intention to try and improve my male drawing skills Xd Initially I was planning to stop only on the sketching part, but decided to go all the way and fully color it.

This is again an Original Character of mine and while drawing I thought of a small backstory that goes along with him.XD

I named him Hajime and he is part of an on the run rogue group of bandits, who are all being searched for by the authorities. He is the only from the group, for whom the rest don't know the reason why he is wanted and on the run, but also no one dares to ask him. And contrary to his badboy looks, he is very gentle and caring, always the voice of reason and intelligence. He is often the center of jokes about being the uptight and serious guy, who never has fun, but everyone knows that he is the most reliant and skilled among them.

Here is a gif of the process itself:

Few words for the process itself: I did the base tones with watercolours and added the details with colored pencils. At the end just to make the character pop more I outlined him with ink.

Hope you guys like the post and the small backstory that came along with it :)

Until next time!


It's nice to see you finally trying out the platform :D
I hope the curators recommend your post.

I need some getting used to it, but I will surely use it more in the future :)

Hajime looks pretty nice and the background is pretty good as well. Did you forget to draw the rest of the sword, because the handle seems too long to depict a short sword? ^^
It must be hard for him to be in a group of bandits since he is a gentle and caring person.

Oh, thanks for mentioning is @scrawly. Yes, I forgot to draw the rest of the sword extending behind him ^_^;
I knew something was a bit off, but couldn't figure what xd Need to use more reference study before drawing certain objects XD
Thank you for commenting <3

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Thank you very much! :)
Will be sure to check you out on discord and I do plan to draw more anime styled pieces

Love him very much, @hentikage :D He looks like he's definitely rogue-ish ! Love the animated process also and I'm glad to see you joined Artisteem :D :D :D

Thank you, spidey <3